It Takes Two to Train

5202 N. 126th St., Butler, WI

“Everything I know I learned from dogs.” – Nora Roberts

Group Classes

We offer group obedience classes as well as a variety of classes for out-and-about training or behavior concerns.

Private Lessons

Get training catered to your life and your dog! We can work on specific training goals either in your home or in our facility.

Day Training

We train your dog while you work! It's like school, but for dogs. Your dog comes home tired and educated!

Behavior Consults

Got a behavior problem like aggression or anxiety? Meet with a dog behavior expert to create a plan for moving forward.

Training Philosophy

Utilizing positive reinforcement based training techniques to help open up the communication line between owners and their dog.

Better communication means a stronger bond!

It's not just about the dog or the person, it's about teamwork between the two.